iMachining at ISCAR GmbH in 63HRC - transmission element in a train - high production volume

..task to achieve much longer tool life...iMachining results: 2 min cutting time (50% saving)..12 slots milled per tool - tool like new!



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Subject: Fwd: iMachining at ISCAR in 63HRC
Date: Fri, 22 Jun 2012 15:01:38 +0300
From: Emil Somekh <>
To: solidcam <>

Hi all,

I was yesterday at ISCAR GmbH and milled 63HRC material.

That was a part from Siemens and it is a transmission element in a train (high production volume)

We milled keyway slots 120 * 20 * 6. The task was to achieve much longer tool life.

The best benchmark results so far for this part was 8 slots per tool and 4 min milling time per slot.

I was told I should not look to the time as for the 4 min we would never reach me anyway. I should focus on increasing the life of the tool as the more important aspect...

I got out my Laptop with iMachining:

Tool: Iscar D10 cutter 6 flutes 45 ° helix

iMachining Level: Turbo 6 .... at Max cutting angle 55 ° ...

iMachining results:

2 min cutting time (50% saving)

12 slots milled per tool - Tool like new


iMachining is simply the best!

Yours sincerely,

Gursel Demircali
Applications Engineer CAD / CAM

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