iMachining Trials at SANDVIK INDIA

..Time reduction with iMachining was almost 50%.

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Subject: iMachining Trials @ SANDVIK INDIA - time reduction of 50%.
Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2012 21:06:28 +0530
From: Amod Onkar <>
Reply-To: <>
To: 'Emil Somekh' <>
CC: 'Eddie Pevzner' <>

Hi Emil,

Attached are the photos and links to movies of the first trial done at Sandvik India. This part was done completely by Sandvik Engineer whom we trained for 2 days.

This part from their customer has troubled them as the customer was breaking tools on this material & the Finish was not good

They tried with another competitor CAM a month earlier and the results were similar or worse what the customer was getting.

Time reduction with iMachining was almost 50%.

The machine was MoriSeiki (They have it in their inhouse training centre).

By proving this part we have opened a major door with Sandvik as they are very powerful in India & China.

<link http: _blank>

<link http: _blank>

With regards,

Amod Onkar

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