ISCAR Tests SolidCAM iMachining at its Turkish Headquarters

...Highly successful test cuts were carried out at ISCAR Turkey’s main offices in Gebze, running SolidCAM’s new iMachining technology with ISCAR tooling.


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Serkan Erkinci, Product Manager of ISCAR Turkey decided to carry out the tests after he had seen a video of the new system in action. He says, “The video showed iMachiningTM cutting with ISCAR tools, demonstrating the incredible power of the technology. We had to see it for ourselves and confirm that it was true, so we invited SolidCAM to our offices to carry out test cuts on our machine.”

Ivan Cimr, European Sales Manager for SolidCAM set up the test cuts himself at ISCAR Turkey. “Setting up iMachiningTM is very easy with the Intelligent Technology Wizard.

SolidCAM is already widely used by ISCAR Turkey for its tooling projects. Reducing machining times for its customers is a very important part of its business, and SolidCAM provides the software to help it achieve its goals.

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