SolidCAM iMachining nominated for Best of Show Award in SolidWorks World 2014

...based on its usefulness for the SolidWorks user

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Roopinder Tara, Editor of TenLinks , announced that based upon its usefulness for the SolidWorks user,  iMachining has been nominated for aBest of Show award in SolidWorks World 2014 tradeshow.


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SAN DIEGO, CA (SolidWorks World 2014) -

A SolidWorks Gold partner, SolidCAM was showing their patented iMachining technology.

Available as a separate module that runs with SolidCAM's other CAM modules, iMachining claims to be radically faster than every other CAM product by progressing through material cutting away as much as it is capable of -- no more and no less.

The implication is that the other CAM products are more cautious. But by not cutting as much metal with each pass, it takes more passes, more time.

One SolidCAM customer on their website site is shocked by cutting a part in one minute which previously took five.

"We have a happy cutter," says Shaun Mymudes, SolidCAM's COO, "We can cut with the optimum chip thickness."

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