SolidCAM for Education in the US & CANADA

SolidCAM is a huge believer in education, especially in STEM Education, (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). If your school has a Technology or Engineering program, a Robotics’ Team, Race Team, Machine Shop or classes offering CNC machining, please give me a call. We would love to help.

We currently have over 400 schools throughout the United States and Canada using SolidCAM software in their classrooms. So please let us help your school. I am dedicated to assist you in any way. I can point you to our fast-growing library of EDU teaching aids, as well as, many other great resources. We have a SolidCAM Curriculum that has everything you will need to teach SolidCAM easily and successfully to your students. We have Step-by-Step Interactive Guides. Or, if you need any technical assistance, connect you to our excellent Support Team. Our dedicated team of machinists are available to answer any questions you may have, get your machines up and cutting and treat you exactly as a valued customer. They can also be contacted by calling 866.975.1115 (ext. 2) or through our eSupport System.

Want to Join the Program?

Educators in the US & Canada that are interested in the SolidCAM EDU Program, or need more information on SolidCAM software for your classroom, please contact us today!

Victoria Bremkamp | Educational Accounts Manager | Toll Free: 866-975-1115 x 21 |

SolidCAM Training Materials & Support

No one else gets Students up to speed in CAM like SolidCAM. Our World-Class Support Team assists 1,000’s of Students, Teachers and Engineers with learning CAM & CNC machining. Each SolidCAM Support & Training Team member has a minimum of 10 years CNC machining and programming experience.

This comprehensive Training System has everything you need to teach SolidCAM / InventorCAM, easily and successfully to your students.

This is a file archive of all the parts used in the Comprehensive Training Course.

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Ryerson Formula Racing (RFR) is an engineering design team of 40+ students that annually designs and builds a formula style race car. RFR participates in two major competitions, FSAE Michigan and FSAE Formula North (Barrie). Last year, we were fortunate enough to design and compete at FSAE Michigan with great vigor and hard work, to achieve an overall rank of 28th out of over 120 teams. Participating in this competition gives members of RFR the opportunity to learn invaluable skills including communication, team work, and time management. Ryerson Formula Racing would like to thank SolidCAM for their generous support. We would not be able to build a manufacturable and reliable vehicle without their support.

Fazleabbas Janmohamed | Exhaust Systems Lead | IT Manager  |  Ryerson Formula Racing - 2020

SolidCAM was an EASY add-on to our SolidWorks suite and was quite effortless to pick up. When teaching students how to use it, it was immensely intuitive with identifying tooling parameters and being able to visually examine how they affected your machining simulations. Their customer service representatives were always there to help me if I had any technical problems, as well, their technical staff worked tirelessly to renew my licenses to get us up and running again. They offer great post-processor support, created a PERFECT post for us to work with their software, and they did it all with haste. As great as the customer service was though, their program was even better. I've taught other CAM modules to students before, but nothing was as easy to pick up as SolidCAM has proven to be. Their tutorial modules are SO helpful and are efficient in doing multiple operations within a single CAM part. It was overall a great experience, and the more I use this software; the more I want to KEEP using it. It's a great tool and a powerful CAM software.

Chris Tomko | Manufacturing Lead  |  Ryerson Formula Racing - 2018

We are very excited to be adopting SolidCAM as our flagship manufacturing software to go with SOLIDWORKS. I have been watching iMachining related videos on your website and got thrilled with its ease of use and the savings it gives way to. SolidCAM is the must-have working skill for our students to land their dream job…

Burak BASARAN, M.Sc., Ph.D.  |  University of Houston Department of Engineering Technology Mechanical Engr. Technology Program

Brigham Young Quote

It’s been a great move for us to adopt SolidCAM into our mechanical engineering curriculum. The support from the SolidCAM team has been excellent, and software is easy to learn. I like how it interfaces seamlessly with SolidWorks, a program that our students are already familiar with. I found that I was able to spend more time on the specifics of machining basics rather than have to spend an entire semester trying to learn another software package. Keep it up!"

Kyle Kinghorn | Dept. of Mechanical Eng.  |  Brigham Young University - Idaho

Concordia Quote

SolidCAM is an amazing asset for students trying to gain real manufacturing experience. Thanks for all the support you have provided us.”

Steven Smith | Manufacturing Director  |  Concordia University SAE

SolidCAM Certification

SolidCAM certifications can be used as a benchmark to measure your knowledge and competency with SolidCAM software.

SolidCAM CNC University Series

Watch this step-by-step live-action series for tool setup, work offsets, and running a program on a HURCO CNC to help get you started in CAM.

FREE online evening classes for anyone doing CNC that needs to sharpen their CAM skills, but doesn’t time during the day.

KevCAM FREE Online Night School

The SolidCAM Professor recordings enables you to get up to speed in your SolidCAM Skills, at the pace you define.

You can find detailed Professor recordings on all functionality of the SolidCAM system. It is the best private tutor you can have!

We invite you to join one of our online SolidCAM webinars. During our webinar you can interact directly with the presenter and have all your questions answered.

You can also view all our already recorded webinars.

Benefit from our extensive SolidCAM documentation. We offer documentation for all SolidCAM modules.

You can find Getting Started Manuals and full Training Manuals.