SolidCAM Subscription

Subscription - Your Software Update and Support Lifeline

Successful SolidCAM customers renew their subscription yearly to maximize their software investment and increase their productivity.

Profit from these Great Subscription Advantages:

  • Latest Version Functionality

    By having our latest version, our users benefit from the addition of New features and functionality, based on advances in CNC machining and feedback from our user community.

  • Ability to add powerful new modules (e.g. Revolutionary iMachining)

    Ability to buy powerful new modules, e.g. SolidCAM iMachining, that work only with the latest version.

  • Powerful Technical Support

    Access to our Live Support Online and our Technical Intl Help desks.

  • Detailed Training Documentation & Recordings

    Access to all our detailed Training Documentation, Professor and Webinar recordings.

I love getting Service Packs from SolidCAM, I love the fact that they will tweak minor details, make slight improvements in the software, and can add an incremental capability or an incremental increase in ease of use.

So just the fact that the company would output 4 Service Packs during the year, that you can download for free on subscription, they install very easily and very quickly and then nothing changes on the surface of the program but the usability gets better..."

Curtis Babre  |  Ferra Designs

The unbelievable Power of iMachining brings Customer back to Subscription iMachining will bring this customer back to subscription and will provide him with its immense power and savings..."