Advanced Mill-Turn & Swiss-Type

Complete Solution for Advanced Multi-Turret/Spindle Mill-Turn & Swiss-Type CNCs

Modern Multi-Axis Machining centers are designed to combine as many milling and turning operations as possible to manufacture workpieces at maximum productivity.

Manual CNC programming of sophisticated parts on complex machines, directly at the machine controller is – if at all humanly possible – unproductive, error-prone and expensive.

Integrated. Easy-to-use. Complete.

Within the SolidCAM user interface, seamlessly integrated into your SOLIDWORKS or Autodesk Inventor CAD, you program milling and turning operations on main and back spindles, control turrets, tailstocks, steady rests and linear tool carriers.

Milling operations include the unique and patented iMachining technology available only from SolidCAM.

Short Cycle Times. Maximum Productivity.

Easy-to-use Channel Synchronization Manager guides you through the order of operations, shows clashes and assist you to avoid them.

It is perfect for synchronizing and optimizing all your machining operations for maximum production output.

SolidCAM can control unlimited number of channels and supports any amount of machine functions and cutting modes.

Speed Up Your Complex CNC Machines

SolidCAM supports the most complex CNCs with unlimited number of axes and channels. We are constantly adding MillTurn and Swiss-Type machines with various configurations to our machine tool database.

SolidCAM's Advanced Machine Simulation shows the complete kinematics and all machine elements, providing full tool-path simulation and verification for all your machining operations.

Advanced Rest Material Handling

SolidCAM always keeps the stock updated live, within the operations tree, to optimize the tool-path, avoid air-cutting and to achieve minimal cycle time.

When the workpiece is transferred from the main to the sub-spindle, the updated stock model is transferred with it.

Any subsequent machining on the sub-spindle will detect the stock in the state that it left the main spindle, ultimately providing the most efficient machining.

Short Cycle Times. Maximum Productivity.

SolidCAM handles three different super-imposition modes. A pair of axes can be superimposed one to another, where the slave one follows the master one. For applicable Mill-Turn machines, SolidCAM will automatically detect this mode.

Reduce machining time by sharing axes and drive units. Synchronize two turning operations on different turrets at the same time and under specific conditions use the same spindle or synchronize two milling operations on different turrets on the same rotary axis.

The Channel Synchronization's clash engine displays any issue with logical comments. The intelligent system holds the logic and checks the possibilities of the synchronization taking into an account the machine kinematics.

Machine Control Operations: MCO

With MCOs you can define the machine actions besides of machining operations, such as:

  • Change tool
  • Move machine components
  • Transfer stock
  • Clamp/unclamp fixture
  • Program bar feeder
  • Control coolants
  • Machine mode
  • Axes and phase synchronization
  • Output any G/M command
Part Transfer Between Spindles

Control the transfer of parts between the main and sub-spindle, using Machine Control Operations. Ready made MCOs provide the best solution for this process.

Advanced Machine Simulation

The full machine simulation package can verify and simulate all turning, milling and MCO operations of the actual machine. It provides full collision detection between machine components, workpiece, fixtures, tools and holders.

Visually prove-out the tool-path of your program before physically machining the part and maximize your productivity.

Advanced Mill-Turn Videos

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When compared to any other CAM system to mill a part, SolidCAM's iMachining wins any benchmark in ease-of-use, programming time, cycle time and tool life.

Try iMachining on your part and your machine by downloading our trial version.