SolidCAM at 3DExperience World 2020

SolidCAM packed the Partner Theater at 3DExperience World 2020 with their ‘High-End Production Machining with Mill-Turn/Swiss Inside SOLIDWORKS’ presentation, where they demonstrated their powerful solutions for Mill-Turn/Swiss-Type machining in SolidCAM 2020.

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At 3DExperience World 2020,SolidCAM packed the Partner Theater with eager attendees for their ‘High-End Production Machining with Mill-Turn/Swiss Inside SOLIDWORKS’ presentation. 

With nearly every seat filled, over 40 additional people stood as they were extremely impressed with SolidCAM’s presentation, which included: 

  • How SolidCAM’s full integration in SOLIDWORKS makes it undoubtedly the best integrated CAM solution 

  • An overview of why Mill-Turn CNC Machines represent the fastest growing segment of the CNC market today 

  • An introduction to the power and complexity of multi-purpose Mill-Turn and Swiss-Type CNC machines 

  • A thorough explanation of applications best suited for Mill-Turn and Swiss-Type machining 

  • How SolidCAM specializes in even the most complex high-end Mill-Turn and Swiss-Type machines 

  • The Advantages of using SolidCAM versus manual G-Code programming 

  • The power and usefulness of using Simulation to visualize the cutting process before any risks are taken with expensive machines and equipment 

SolidCAM’s booth was quite a popular destination for attendees during the new extended hours of the '3DExperience Playground' and a large number of visitors stayed for demonstrations of SolidCAM’s latest release, SolidCAM 2020. 

Attendees and Partners were also extremely excited by Dr. Emil Somekh, SolidCAM’s CEO, as he greeted them and explained the new features and direction of SolidCAM. 

Emil Somekh added “SolidCAM is committed to staying on the cutting edge of manufacturing technology and has embraced the latest, most technically advanced CNC equipment on the market. Capitalizing on decades of integrated CAM experience, SolidCAM continues to create the ultimate user-experience directly inside SOLIDWORKS. Finally, people can take full advantage of the potential of these high-end machines, in a powerful, intuitive and familiar environment – the ultimate 3D experience.”

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