SolidCAM Cooperates with AFMING to Participate in Chongqing Lijia Exhibition

The 22nd Lijia International Intelligent Equipment Fair 2021 took place on May 27-30 in Chongqing. With the theme of "hui" ("meeting"), the show had 8 theme exhibition areas, 6 exhibition halls, and 1000+ Exhibitors with an exhibition area of 70,000 square meters that attracted more than 30,000 professional visitors from the central and western regions.

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The exhibition highlighted intelligent manufacturing equipment and technology, and focused on new achievements in the equipment manufacturing industry in recent years. Booths and presentations representing Intelligent Manufacturing, Machine Tools & Molds, Automation, Sheet Metal, Forging, Welding, Casting/Die Casting, Tool Holder Measuring Tools, Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing), Digital Factories, Advanced Products & Technologies, were "competitive" on the same stage.

SolidCAM and AFMING Machine Tool jointly participated in the exhibition and introduced the latest SolidCAM 5-Axis, Mill-Turn, and Swiss-Type programming solutions. Many visitors stopped and watched, allowing them to fully understand SolidCAM's complete intelligent programming solution that will support any machine tool model structure.

The 22nd Lijia International Intelligent Equipment Fair attracted many corporate customers from China's southwestern region. Through this exhibition, more customers will know and understand the function and value of SolidCAM.

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