iMachining 3D Success at Micon – 59% saving in steel

Former Milling Time over 24 hours for all 5 Pockets - iMachining 3D time is about 10 hours..

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From: Michael Stockmann
Sent: Wednesday, December 18, 2013 10:21 AM
To: Emil Somekh; Bekir Kilic
Cc: Gerhard Laegeler; Dirk Klinge
Subject: iMachining 3D Success at Micon – 59% saving in steel



In the German Company <link http: en about.php>Micon Drilling GmbH, we milled a Part on a WFL Mill-turn Machine with iMachining 3D.

This Part has 5 Pockets. Each pocket has an overall length of 980 mm, a maximum width of 106 mm and a maximum Depth of 84 mm.

The Material of the part is 1.6580 (30CrNiMo8).

The part is used for heavy duty vertical drilling at Oilfields.

The First Depth Cut was done with a 20 mm End mill, with 70 mm cutting length, to a depth of 61 mm, iMachining Level = 6

The Second Cut was done for the Rest with also a 20 mm End mill, with 90 mm cutting length,  iMachining Level = 4

The former Milling Time was over 24 hours for all 5 Pockets.

The actual time with iMachining 3D is about 10 hours (59% saving).


Mit besten Grüßen / Best Regards

Michael Stockmann, Projektleiter

SolidCAM GmbH, Niederlassung Nord

tel: +49 5454 93395-0, mobil: +49 174 8262657


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