iMachining at Adin - replacing competitor CAM after 52% saving in steel

..material is steel 4140, and they need to supply 600 pieces...plant manager decided to purchase SolidCAM+iMachining


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Sent: Thursday, December 08, 2011 10:39 PM
To: 'Emil Somekh'
Subject: iMachining- replacing competitor CAM after 52% saving in steel

Hi Emil,

Adin is a big factory at Alon Tavor industrial area for Dental implants.

They have around 30 CNC machines, and used a competitor CAM for many years.

Now that we have iMachining I knew that this is our chance to replace their current CAM. And the chance indeed came today.

The owner called me before 2 weeks , after he heard about iMachining from another customer of ours.

I told him that we are ready to come for benchmark , when he will have real part for cutting.

Evgeny and me arrived today, they were running a part made with their current CAM which took them 42 min in the machine..

The material is steel 4140, and they need to supply 600 pieces.

Evgeny programmed the part, which consisted of 30 operations, 6 of them were iMachining operations.

Evgeny himself took responsibility to operate the machine, did it fast and with a lot of professionalism.

And the result was fantastic, 20 min with iMachining (52% saving).

I talked with the Owner, and the plant manager and they decided to purchase immediately the full milling package include iMachining.

The deal will be closed next week.

Zvika Friedman

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