iMachining Drives 2 SolidCAM Seat Sale at new customer

…in the Oil and Gas industry… seeing iMachining pushed him to get the SolidCAM program - he now feels he will be in the front of the pack...

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Subject: iMachining Drives 2 SolidCAM Seat Sale
Date: Fri, 9 Sep 2011 16:44:30 -0400
From: Paul Wick <>
To: 'Emil Somekh' <>
CC: 'Shaun Mymudes' <>

Hi Emil,

I thought I would share a great story with you that you can feel free to pass on to other teams around the globe if you wish.

I recently was contacted by a prospect located just outside of Houston TX in the US. The prospect saw some iMachining videos on You Tube and was curious about iMachining. We set up an Internet demonstration for them and Ken Merritt from our US team did a great job of leading with iMachining and showing them a lot of very powerful tools in the demo - we also showed them some actual cutting videos that Ken had made at a customer site just recently. When we were finished with the demo, they had asked for a quote for 2 seats of 3D Milling with iMachining, HSM, and 4th axis Simultaneous, bundled with SolidWorks. This was a very decent sized quote.

About a week later the owner of the company called me. We had a very good conversation at this time as he was considering 2 other competing CAM systems. He told me directly that really except for iMachining, our system was just like all the other integrated packages. I told him for the most part, he was right and all the packages do things a little differently but they all get the job done. I told him that only we have iMachining though and that we have many customers already praising the new module.

He called back later and placed an order with us for the 2 seats using his credit card. I think this is one of the fastest orders I have ever gotten and it is all due to iMachining and a great team that developed it, can market it, show it, and support it!

It was interesting that the customer told me after the order was placed, that he was even pitched another CAM software from the reseller that sold him the SW (something that is often hard to compete against) but he said he was not having it. For him, he saw the value of iMachining. He even told me how he always felt that his company (he was the President of the company), in the OIL and Gas business, was always on the leading edge of technology but for some reason, he had stayed with wireframe CAD for way too many years and wished he would have moved up to solid Modeling 15 years ago. He told me that seeing iMachining finally pushed him to get the SolidCAM program - he now feels he will be back up in the front of the pack again. I know I am very excited about iMachining and push it every chance I get!!

Paul Wick

Western Regional Accounts Manager

SolidCAM North America

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