iMachining vs. Competitor in Aluminum cutting - totally superior, completely another level!

..cutting this part in 20 min with your CAM system and I’m cutting it with iMachining in 6 min.

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From: Bekir Kilic SolidCAM GmbH []
Sent: Tuesday, March 26, 2013 3:54 PM
To: Emil Somekh; Mickey Berman; Chris Calderone
Subject: iMachining vs. Competitor - totally superior, completely another level!

Hi Emil,

A few days ago I was at a machine tool reseller. I needed some information about their Mill-Turn machines.

I talked with the Application engineer there. They are working with a competitor CAM system.

After our discussion, we went to a machine and he said to me “Look, our CAM system has something like iMachining”.

I said “Oh cool, which material you are cutting now? Because he had a 10 mm Tool, Step down was 8 mm, Feed 1500 mm/min and Spin 5000 1/min.

He said to me “Aluminum”. I said to him: "Look, this is the difference between what your current CAM system has and iMachining:

You are cutting this part in 20 min with your CAM system. and I’m cutting it with iMachining in 6 min.

Your CAM system feed is 1500 mm/min and my iMachining feed is 8000 mm/min. 

Your CAM system spin is 5000 1/min, I’m cutting in iMachining with 10000 1/min (was the max. spin from the machine)." 

I said to him: “Can you give me the 3D-Model? I want to check the toolpath."

I took the model and made an iMachining 3D operation (on the right, the part with the iMachining toolpath).

The toolpath from iMachining 3D was completely superior to the toolpath of his current CAM system.

And I started to cut in iMachining from the deepest Z-value and his system does not do that.

And obviously his competitor CAM system does not have a Technology Wizard like iMachining and the user has to guess the feed and spin rates!

There is no comparison between his CAM system and iMachining – iMachining is totally superior – it is completely another level…

Mit besten Grüßen

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Technical Manager, SolidCAM GmbH
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