Amazing iMachining saving in steel at Australian customer - 70% in Cycle time!

Saving on one part is AU$3000 - Total savings across their entire product range is incredible!

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From: Grant Preston [<link>]
Sent: Thursday, May 08, 2014 2:40 PM
To: Emil Somekh; Eddie Pevzner
Subject: Amazing iMachining saving!



One of our customers saved AU$3000 on only one of their parts.

They have many similar parts in their product range!

Please see details of case study:



Customer Case Study


Customer:<link http: external-link-new-window external link in new>Wallis Drilling (Midvale, WA, Australia)


Focus of Study:Reduce cycle time (main focus on roughing)Case Study

Part: Drill Bit Body

Part Material: K1045 (UTS of 770 applied)

Batch Qty: 90 (usually 50-200 parts)


Original Toolpath Details:

Carbide tipped cutter + 16mm End Mill

Traditional 3D Roughing - maximum depth of cut 3mm

Cycle Time: 100 mins per run of 8 parts (12.5 mins per part)

Consumption of tooling:9x Carbide Inserts + 16mm End Mill (badly worn)

Cost of tooling: 9x $16 + $92 = $236

Total Machine Time:18 hours 45 mins


iMachining Toolpath Details:

12mm Carbide End Mill

2D & 3D iMachining Operations - maximum depth of cut 11.3mm

Cycle Time = 30 mins per run of 8 parts (3.7 mins per part)

Consumption of tooling = 12mm End Mill shows signs of wear but will cut more

Cost of tooling:$110 (can still be used)

Total Machine Time:5 hours 33 mins



 Original Toolpath: 12.5 mins per part

iMachining Toolpath: 3.7 mins per part

Cycle Time saving:8.8 mins per part (a 70% saving)

Total Time saving on batch of 90:13 hours 12 mins

Total Time saving on batch of 200: 29 hours 20 mins

Example Cost saving (batch of 200): $2933 (based on hourly rate of $100)

Total Saving (including tooling):$3059 (based on hourly rate of $100)


This is only 1 drill bit of many that Wallis produce, so the total savings across their entire product range is incredible!

In applications such as this, return on investment can be achieved in a very short space of time!


Best Regards

Grant Preston

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