iMachining 2D customer is impressed with iMachining 3D results

The results with iMachining 3D were of course much better than whatever they imagined.

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From: David Gontar
Sent: Thursday, November 21, 2013 9:41 AM
To: Emil Somekh

Subject: iMachining 3D WIN



Haglil Industries specializes in the manufacturing of precision rubber and metal rollers for various industries and sectors:

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I came to visit the customer and made a benchmark for a part, using iMachining 3D. 

The customer already had iMachining 2D. 

They are so happy with the daily savings achieved with their iMachining 2D, that it was easy to convince them to see the results with iMachining 3D. 


iMachining 3D cut:

Material: AISI 1020

Cutting tool: ISCAR end mill 12 cm

iMachining level: 5

Machine: HAAS

Depth: 26 mm

Machining time with iMachining 3D: 27 minutes

The results with iMachining 3D were of course much better than whatever they imagined.


David Gontar
Tel: 054-7717247

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