Amazing testimonial from an iMachining 2D & 3D happy customer in Germany!

...The metal removal rates – Gigantic! Programming – super easy, super fast! Tool life - Awesome! Everything is exactly like SolidCAM have said! And it was just unbelievable..


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Tobias Wankmüller:

"My name is Tobias Wankmüller of Wankmüller Precision Engineering GmbH. We are now in the third generation manufacturing for the hydraulic industry. We do hydraulic valves and high precision servo valves, with a lot of grinding, but over the years we have expanded our business into CNC milling, 5-axis milling and turning.

SolidCAM has over the years allowed us to come to a completely new level and we are now also programming lathes with driven tools and Y-axes.

We now program and manufacture parts you really cannot program with the machine’s own controller unit."

Frederic (Freddy) Stantscheff:

If you run internal benchmarks and you know exactly how the part was running before, for example that it used to run five minutes – and you simply edit some jobs with iMachining, simulate it and you watch the simulation: One minute? And you think, "Well, OK, that almost can’t be true!"

But after putting it straight to the machine, you realize that the simulation is pretty accurate and instead of five minutes, the part actually runs in only one minute.

Sven Faas:

"As I said, we do all our work - milling, turning, drilling - we make everything with SolidCAM. This works perfectly, also their support, Post-Processor customizations are easy, there are absolutely no issues.

What's really good is the open structure of the Post-Processor.

We are able to change a few things ourselves without an application engineer - this is a real advantage over other systems."

Tobias Wankmüller

On almost every part you have operations that can be programmed with iMachining very easily and quickly.

Above all, iMachining 3D is amazing - with just one click or very few inputs, I can do a complete rough contour or the rough machining of the part."

Sven Faas

"We bought the iMachining Module for one reason: simply to challenge it, as we did not believe what they said! Just to show the guys from SolidCAM "Yes, forget it. That never ever works that way!“

But I had to admit, after the first programming, after the first Job with iMachining - That's just awesome !!!

The metal removal rates – Gigantic!

Programming – super easy, super fast!


Tool life - Awesome!

The smooth machining on older machines, which are three, four or five years old is fantastic – absolutely smooth!

Everything is exactly like SolidCAM have said! And it was just unbelievable! And it was obviously eye-opening for me because I did not believe it - it was absolutely amazing!

When we were at the last exhibition, a sales representative came to us and said they have iMachining 3D now and because of our experiences with iMachining 2D, we immediately bought it - it is a bit better than iMachining 2D because of its quicker and easier way of programming.

The material removal rates are the same, the machining strategies are identical, except they are now in 3D, but the programming is much, much, much easier! Much faster and really much more simple.

The combination of the two modules, iMachining 2D, iMachining 3D - gigantic.

Yes - I really do not know what the future will bring or what could come! I cannot imagine there is something to top this!"  

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