iMachining 3D success cutting alloy steel large part - saving 56% against competitor CAM, at customer Schüber Metalltechnik

..they were absolutely impressed with the iMachining 3D cutting and after 40 minutes (saving 56% in cycle time) we finished the first side.

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From: Rainer Herbstreuter
Sent: Tuesday, July 16, 2013 11:36 PM
To: Emil Somekh
Subject: iMachining 3D success story - customer Schüber Metalltechnik

Hi Emil,

Another iMachining 3D success story from today. I was invited to customer Schüber Metalltechnik, who cuttes large parts.

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Till now the customer roughed this part from the Material ST37 with a special flycutter.

This is a high feed flycutter with diameter of 50 mm and downstep just 0.8 mm, feed rate 7500 mm per minute.

Cutting time for roughing operation is 1.5 hours for the first side.

After this he is uses another smaller flycutter to do the rest machining.

Machine was a Mazak VTC300.

The biggest problem the customer has with this job, is that he knows this flycutter is damaging the spindle. After 30 to 35 parts he has to replace the spindle (15,000 Euro).

We took iMachining 3D, with tools from Hoffmann - not the optimum tools for this job because of the lengths, but we could use them.

We went to the machine for the first job. The Customer wanted to wait for the Hoffmann application engineers to run the machine because he was worried about the high spin and feed. After the engineers arrived, we ran the program.

They were absolutely impressed with the iMachining 3D cutting and after 40 minutes (saving of 56% in cycle time) we finished the first side. And we removed more material than the flycutter because of the smaller diameter of the tool.

I believe if we were using other tools we could have saved another 10 minutes, as we have used a tool with 20 mm diameter and 60 mm cutting length, and we had two downsteps.

If we can use in the future for the first step a 20 mm tool with standard length – 30 mm, we can cut at a higher level. And just for the second downstep a long tool with the level we used now for the whole part.

And really the first trial was successful 100% - we don’t have to go back to SolidCAM and increase the iMachining level.

By the way, the program what they are using till now for this part was done with a competitor CAM (they do not have currently CAM system in-house – they got the CNC program they were using from outside programmer who used competitor CAM)!

The customer has already 3 SolidWorks 2007 licenses. He has to check which SolidWorks reseller they are from and then we will make an offer and I am sure we can sell the SolidCAM software.

Best regards
Rainer Herbstreuter
SolidCAM Gmbh
Gewerbepark H.A.U. 36, 78713 Schramberg

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