SolidCAM GmbH and Hoffmann Group held a joint Technical Forum in SolidCAM’s Technology Center in Schramberg, Germany

...Participants agreed about iMachining: “that’s how milling should be done today!”

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On June 6-7 2013, <link http: external-link-new-window external link in new>SolidCAM GmbH and <link http: int home.html external-link-new-window external link in new>Hoffmann Group, organized a special joint Technical Forum to present Hoffmann latest developments and SolidCAM's revolutionary iMachining technology

The Hoffman GARANT Zero Clamp was presented as well as new items and trends in cutting operations, such as deep hole drilling up to 50xD and the latest generation of HPC-millings.

There was also a lecture that reviewed the manufacturing-related measurement techniques.

The highlight of the whole event was of course the live demonstration of SolidCAM’s patented and revolutionary milling strategyiMachining.  

The forum took place in SolidCAM’s technological center in Schramberg, Germany. The milling machine was a Hermle C 30 U, the work piece material was 16MnCr5, and the part was programmed with the SolidCAM modules: 2.5D Mill, iMachining 2D & 3D, and Simultaneous 5 axis.

By using the new Hoffmann-Garant milling tools TPC (Trochoidal Performance Cutting) and a bull nose mill, the audience saw the perfect synergy between the iMachining tool path strategy and the cutting tool, providing major economic advantages to the machine shop.

The audience was enthusiastic to see the iMachining demonstration with the following Hoffmann tools:

  • End mill D12: feed 24mm, S=12,314 RPM, Vf_15,700 mm/min
  • Bull nose mill D10: feed 20mm, S=14,777 RPM, Vf=6,950 mm/min
  • End mill D3: feed 7mm, S=18,000 RPM, Vf 3,600 mm/min
  • End mill D1.5: feed 4mm, S=18,000 RPM, Vf 1,650 mm/min

Participants felt they witnessed state of the art milling and they all agreed about iMachining: “that’s how milling should be done today".

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