Two iMachining Test Cuts at existing SolidCAM customers - savings of 66% & 75% in time

..both of them will buy iMachining..

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Subject: 2 iMachining Test Cuts from ABKTeknik
Date: Sat, 5 Jan 2013 23:21:33 +0200
From: Ahmet B.KULDASLI <>
To: 'Eddie Pevzner' <>
CC: Emil Somekh <link> 

Hello Eddie,  

This week we cut parts at two SolidCAM customers:SAREM MAKINA and ATAYLAR.

Before the iMachining deal, Sarem was about to cancel the subscription but now they also bought new subscriptions for two existing seats

Ataylar will buy another CAD/CAM Bundle because of iMachining.

Both of them will buy iMachining

You can see the test results:

iMachining Test Report – Ataylar Makina– Turkey

Machine: First Controller: Fanuc Tool: 12 mm diameter inserted tool

Material: ST37

Existing Operation machining time : 2.5 minutes

iMachining machining time (Level 4): 50 seconds

Time Saving: 66%

Existing toolpath (Tool: 12mm inserted tool, downstep 0.3 mm)

iMachining toolpath (Tool:12 mm end mill , downstep 15 mm)

iMachining Test Report – Sarem Makina– Turkey

Machine: Awea AF-160 | Controller: Mitsubishi M70

Material: ST37 | Tool: 32 mm diameter inserted tool

Existing Operation machining time: 70 minutes

iMachining machining time (Level 5): 18 minutes

Time Saving: 75%

Existing toolpath (32 mm diameter inserted tool, downstep = 0.3 mm)

iMachining Toolpath (Tool:18 mm diameter solid carbide end mill , downstep = 28 mm)

Best Regards…

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Toolpath: existing Vs. iMachining (Ataylar Makina)
Toolpath: existing Vs. iMachining (Sarem Makina)
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