iMachining 3D cuts very fast at Galtronics! Saves 75% against Competitor CAM!

SolidCAM China reports 75% time savings with 3D iMachining against Competitor CAM on Makino CNC machine

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Subject: iMachining 3D cuts very fast- saves 75% against Competitor CAM!!
Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2012 16:44:35 +0800
From: ji.gang <>
To: emil.somekh <link>

Dear Emil,

iMachining 3D cuts very fast!

Customer: GALTRONICS (Wuxi )Company, China
Product : Innovative Antenna Solutions
Machine MAKINO S33 S= 30000 FMAX=20M 40kw ,
Tool : WALTER. 10MM 4F EM
Material: 50 > HRC mold steel

Existing Machine cut time = 4 Hour (Competitor CAM)
iMachining Machine cut time = 58 Minute

(iMachining 3D )- save 75%

Best Regards
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