在德国,超过1000个SolidWorks和SolidCAM许可,保证了30所技术学校的3200名学生的最高水平的3D CAD/CAM培训。

二十一世纪是高科技产业迅速发展的世纪,而许多其他职业正迅速成为多余的职业。如果不在高科技相关领域接受进一步的职业培训,大多数年轻的成年人将无法找到工作。弗莱堡区政府和软件公司SolidWorks和SolidCAM达成了一项协议,使位于VS-Schwenningen的传统的Feintechnikschule,以及弗莱堡行政区的其他29所职业学校,能够为他们的所有学生提供最高水平的3D CAD/CAM培训。

As a responsible teacher and lecturer, you help decide how attractive and up-to-date the dual training and continuing education programs at your school will be in the future. In order to meet challenges such as technological change and the increasing digitalization of skilled work and to generate enthusiasm among trainees, teachers and instructors are needed who are up to date with current developments. This is not only the conviction of the Nachwuchsstiftung Maschinenbau, but also the clear goal of SolidCAM GmbH and our CAD/CAM Education Campaign 2023.

CAM programming with SolidCAM

Seamless integration with the CAD systems Solidworks and also Autodesk Inventor (InventorCAM) allows students to create, define and simulate CNC machining of workpieces directly within the CAD environment in a realistic machine preview. In close cooperation with the Nachwuchsstiftung Maschinenbau, SolidCAM GmbH offers a comprehensive training program for the CAM system SolidCAM, which is frequently used in business and education.

The training offer of the Nachwuchsstiftung Maschinenbau for teachers at vocational schools includes basic courses, which form a solid basis for effective working and learning, as well as advanced courses and workshops, in which special topics and particular focuses of the systems are addressed.

From "museum" to learning factory of the future

The Hohentwiel Gewerbeschule in Singen, with 128 teachers and a total of 1,800 students in 12 school types, is technically and didactically up to date. Industry is desperately looking for employees with CAM skills, especially because CNC machines are becoming increasingly complex, such as multi-axis CNC turning/milling centers like the CTX 500. The HGS is a great example of what dedicated teachers can achieve.

Become a SolidCAM education partner now. We support you in the long run!

We will be happy to advise you personally on how to easily and quickly obtain software licenses for teachers and students at your school, how to program existing CNC machines with SolidCAM, and what other benefits working with SolidCAM can offer you.

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SolidCAM for Education

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