Simultaneous 5x Milling

SolidCAM's Proven & Powerful Simultaneous 5-Axis Machining

Simultaneous 5-Axis Milling

Benefit from the most tested and proven 5-Axis machining tool paths in the industry, with a user-friendly interface, collision checking and the most advanced control over all aspects of the tool path:

  • Wide variety of Simultaneous 5X cutting strategies
  • Flow line cutting produces a toolpath that follows the natural shape of the component
  • Multi-surface finish machining keeps the tool normal to the surface (or with specified lead and lag) to provide a smooth surface finish
  • Advanced tool tilting control and direct control on side tilting and lead/lag angles
  • Automatic collision avoidance strategies that check each part of both the tool and holder
  • Multi-axis rest roughing efficiently removes the remaining material of the larger cutter diameter used previously
  • Realistic full 3D machine simulation with comprehensive collision and axis limits checking
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Each 5-Axis machining strategy provides sophisticated options for approach/link control and tool axis control.

Link and approach moves are fully gouge protected and different strategies may be used depending on the distance of the link move. SolidCAM also provides options for control over lead/lag and side tilt angles to give complete control over the final toolpath.

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Collision avoidance is supported for both the tool and holder, and a range of strategies is offered for avoiding collisions. The Machine Simulation provides complete visualization of the gouge checking.

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Simultaneous 5X Edge Breaking

After machining a CAM part, a burr can sometimes be found that have straight edges or non-tangent outer surface topologies. This occurs when the tool chips the metal off the edge and it can ruin the functionality of the part, or endanger the user because it is razor sharp –  removing it is the best option.

SolidCAM's Edge Breaking operation creates a deburring tool path on the outer edges of a part geometry. The position of the tool relative to the edge is always the bi-vector between the two surfaces of that edge.

  • Enables creation of a fully automatic tool path by just selecting the part geometry
  • Additional features include Automatic Feature Detection, Linking, Lead-In and Collision avoidance
  • Ball mill cutters and quality geometry input (mesh) are required for the detection feature to work properly.
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Simultaneous 5X Edge Trimming

SolidCAM's Edge Trimming operation efficiently machines parts that require edge trimming to get their final shape. The operation uses a highly automated algorithm to create a tool path to trim the edge thin materials. 

  • Designed for the edge trimming of thin materials
  • Position of the tool relative to the geometry can be defined by various options from only a 3-axis output to a more complex 5-axis output with different tool axis orientation options
  • Axial shift enables the tool to be engaged with a certain value into the material
  • Edge trimming can be automated or user defined, and offers a variety of corner handling functions to create a smooth tool path

Special 5-Axis Strategies & Features

SWARF Machining

With SWARF machining, the tool is being tilted over to cut with its lateral surface. SWARF cutting utilizes the complete cutting length of the tool, resulting in better surface quality and shorter machining time.

Contour 5-Axis Machining

The Contour 5-Axis machining strategy tilts the tool along a chained 3D profile drive curve, while aligning the tool axis according to defined tilt lines. Ideal for generating 5-axis toolpaths for deburring and trimming.

Multi-Blade Machining

The Multi-blade machining operation easily handles impellers and bladed disks, with multiple strategies to efficiently rough and finish each part of these complex shapes, which are being used in many industries

Multi-Axis Drilling

The Multi-Axis Drilling operation uses SolidCAM’s automatic hole recognition and then performs drilling, tapping or boring cycles, at any hole direction, easily and quickly. All the advanced linking, tilting and collision avoidance strategies are available in this operation.

Port Machining

With this 5X operation you can machine intake and exhaust ducts as well as inlets or outlets of pumps, in castings or steel blocks with tapered lollipop tools. Roughing and finishing operations can be quickly and easily defined and reliably simulated with complete collision control of the entire tool and holder.

Convert HSM to Sim. 5-Axis

The Convert HSM to Sim. 5-Axis milling operation converts HSM 3D toolpaths to full 5-Axis collision-protected toolpaths. This will maintain optimum contact point between the tool and the part and enables the use of shorter tools for more stability and rigidity.

Rotary Machining

This operation generates 4-Axis rotary roughing and finishing tool path for screws using bull nose, ball nose or flat end mills.

The Most Tested and Proven 5-Axis Machining Tool Paths in the Industry.