Turbo HSR & Turbo HSM

Enhance CNC machining with SolidCAM's Turbo HSR/Turbo HSM. Accelerate roughing and finishing for faster, more productive 3D milling, reducing cycle times. Learn more here.


SolidCAM’s Turbo 3D HSR (THSR) and Turbo 3D HSM (THSM) are powerful High Speed Roughing (HSR) and High Speed Machining (HSM) modules for much faster calculations than the regular HSR / HSM modules.

THSR and THSM offer unique machining and linking strategies for generating high-speed tool paths. The 3-Axis calculation engine recalculates the tool path at lightning speeds. Its 64-bit architecture completely utilizes all the cores for tool path calculations.

The current THSR strategies (Hatch, Contour, and Rest) remove large volume of excess material rapidly and leave a small amount of stock for semi-finishing and finishing strategies. The biggest advantage of these strategies is that the tool path contours are always collision free while machining.

  • Extremely fast calculation and generation of toolpaths
  • Fewer options – faster definition of High-Speed Machining jobs
  • Advanced gouge checking strategies
  • Most efficient, collision free toolpath


The THSM strategies (Constant Z, Linear & Constant Stepover) generate high-quality High-Speed Machining toolpaths, which generate exceptional surface quality. THSM generates toolpaths rapidly and can re-generate toolpaths even more quickly in recalculation, thereby giving the user the flexibility to program several combinations, and thus to arrive at the best toolpath in a short time. The user has the flexibility to control the spacing between points, which greatly influences the final surface quality. Automatic Leads & Links greatly simplify the programming process.

Auto 3+2 High Speed Roughing

Hybrid High Speed Roughing with 5X-transitions between THSR Jobs

SolidCAM’s Auto 3+2 THSR Hatch and Contour technologies detect and process undercut areas in the specified range of processing angles. The functionalities of these technologies remain mainly the same as Turbo 3D HSR with an added advantage of Auto 3+2 Axis support.

The Auto 3+2 module is useful to efficiently machine  undercut areas and gain more access from a single direction. It minimizes the number of operations with different machining directions.

Geodesic Machining

SolidCAM’s Geodesic Machining enables machining of complex 3D Shapes (Solid Model & Surface Groups) with a tool path that has constant stepover and undercut areas. The module generates a pattern of tool path with measurable constant step over. The stepover remains constant even on steep and shallow walls as it machines different surfaces or an entire model. SolidCAM uses a global stepover distance without a fixed direction. Generally, a stepover is calculated with reference to a vector direction, but in Geodesic Machining global distance and a stepover, without a fixed direction, are used.

  • Various toolpath patterns available
  • Constant 3D distance between consequent cuts
  • Works effectively even in undercut situations
  • One entry and exit move only

With SolidCAM Turbo HSM strategies, excellent surface finish of 0.4 µm can be achieved.

Powerful HSR and HSM Modules for Much Faster Calculations