• „SolidCAM has assisted 1,000’s of Customers with getting up to speed in CAM & iMachining.
  • „„Every SolidCAM Support & Training Team member has a minimum of 10 years CNC Machining and Programming experience.
  • SolidCAM has fully-equipped Technology Centers complete with CNC machining centers for hands-on CAM & CNC learning.
  • „„FREE SolidCAM Professor Training Webinars & 100’s of Online Tutorial Videos available 24/7.
  • „„FREE Weekly Night-School online classes available.
  • „„SolidCAM Academy – Certifications available.

The main reason why we chose SolidCAM is because of the support person Ken Merritt was very knowledgeable, The program is very important but the people behind it are even more important."

Markku Biedermann  |  Miami Device Solutions

Technical Support Team

SolidCAM is dedicated to having the best support team in the business to help you get up to speed with our products, guaranteeing you the best user experience possible.

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Additional Support Line: +1 267-364-3642

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SolidCAM Licensing Support

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Our excellent SolidCAM Professor tutorials provide you the best way to learn and use SolidCAM's modules and functions, for your own equipment and applications.