iMachining 3D | Exciting Statement of a SolidCAM iMachining customer!

..cutting now with iMachining-3D complex parts, with deep cutting contour and all kind of Materials.

Nate Stuart, 034motorsport: "Absolutely loving iMachining, or rather my operator is!"

...he's always impressed how quickly we're chewing new parts thanks to it - it cut our steel times way down, and tool life is way up.. the...

Amazing testimonial from an iMachining 2D & 3D happy customer in Germany!

...The metal removal rates – Gigantic! Programming – super easy, super fast! Tool life - Awesome! Everything is exactly like SolidCAM have...

Markus Schmid, SCNC Technik, Villingen Schwenningen: "iMachining paid for itself within 2 months"

..I really should not even recommend iMachining because then my competitors also get it...but iMachining is just great"

SolidCAM customer A.P.A orders 2 modules of iMachining 2D and 3D, mainly for aluminum machining

..owner said: "amazing... I have no words to describe my satisfaction from iMachining - I couldn't have imagined how much time it saved us...

Jeff S.: "iMachining is incredible at removing large amount of material in hard to reach areas such as the magwell and fire control pockets."

...thanks to the InventorCAM team, in 3 months time I have learned to run a Haas VF3SS and a rudimentary CAM program without any CNC...

Kevin Kluver, Alexandria Industries: "It has also saved me at ton of machine time in the tooling area using the iMachining feature"

...SolidCAM is easier to use with the programming and just being able to set work coordinates faster and much easier

Terence Sammon, Mico Industries, Grand Rapids, MI:"The SolidCAM software is very powerful."

..I had some of the 'conventionally' trained die makers watch a block I programmed with iMachining and their jaws hit the floor when they...

iMachining 3D win at Menes – 85% saving

....Chief programmer Igor said: "I hope we get such results every day – we will have great savings in costs with iMachining 3D!!"

Dreiling Maschinenbau GmbH: "With iMachining, even on low-performance machines, we can reach very high metal removal rates"

...Well at first we were skeptical about all of the promised time savings of 70 to 80 percent, but it's really true